The Window Manager Advantage

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I have used Windows for 4 years, I have used nearly all of its versions, Windows 95, 98, 2000 Professional, Server & Advanced Server, Windows XP Home & Professional etc. Windows is a desktop based Operating System. I remained quite happy with it and 2003 Server & 2000 Advanced Server remained my favorites. In year 2006, I decided to throw Windows XP because I was getting pretty much frustrating, mysterious and unsolvable problems.

I always took pride in “Point & Click”, “Add/Remove Programs” and setting Page Memory in Windows and installing Windows 98 and XP from hard-disk made me more egotistic and I thought I am the intelligent, unbeatable man (Exactly what most Windows-Users, a.k.a. Fools, think). I was an eye candy lover, always designing my Desktop to be as attractive as possible to a human-eye, by putting new themes, mouse pointers and Desktop- Backgrounds. One day after getting too much frustrated with Windows, I requested my Father to buy a new computer for me. I went to nearby city named Chandigarh and met my friend Dinesh and we have a good story to tell.


After 1 year with *NIX I am no longer an eye-candy lover. I am very much happy when I use the brand-new shiny ratpoison a.k.a StumpWM and i use MPD to play my songs, No…. not XMMS or bmpx. i hate Desktops, Desktops waste precious CPU cycles and the RAM without putting any meaning into the work. i have observed that, comparing to a Desktop, using a Tiled Window Manager (e.g. ratpoison, wmii ) has increased my programming and general work productivity by 50% . With tiled window managers I have become effective and efficient at handling my work when I sit in front of my computer. It is totally opposite to my Desktop experience where I always thought efficiency is directly proportional to (a menu + mouse-click + file-manager + Word processor + no shell) and only this month I found that it is in fact inversely proportional to that combination. I started 1.5 years ago with Fedora and have come a long way since then. UNIX way has changed my preferences of life, my way of looking at softwares or better changed my way of looking at and understanding technology (“the UNIX effect” has changed my level of thinking and my way of looking at my personal problems as well) i have changed from an eye-candy lover to black screen of ratpoison. the boy who loved Desktops and thought he will never ever leave GNOME (well, i admit this *same* boy 3 years ago, was thinking that he will never ever leave the Windows and he thought Windows is the creation of God…….. well, enjoy utter foolishness) and did everything to make his computer-interface with full of attractive and impressive candy, have bee modified, psychologically and very precisely by GNU tools. I must say “the UNIX effect” is a part of my life like blood is an essential part of my body.. essential part of being alive, not a zombie. and this present state of mine was totally unintentional, i just wanted to stop the usual freezes/hangs of Windows, nothing less nothing more… but that I have already described in my some other blog posts 🙂


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