The Under-Minded Programmers

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I read an article titled “Problem with C++” by Jeff Atwood here:

I agree with some of his ideas and not with some of others. The point is I agree that C++ is complex and too cumbersome but i say that from a totally different point of view. This is what I have commented on his article:

Indeed, one serious problem is that currently, too many software developers are undereducated and undertrained.

The quoted comments above are from Bjarne Stroustrup. Well, Bjarne is 100% right about it. I am simple Science Graduate and when I meet programmers carrying degrees like Master’s of Computer Applications, they still don’t know about the difference between a Pointer and a Reference in C++, they just don’t have much understanding on Pointers and Arrays. They just create some software in VB and .NET and they call themselves Sr. Software Developers. some of them say VC++ is a better language than C++ and in their C programs, most of them use void main() and they say it is from ANSI C Standard Library :-\ …….  …

they just move buttons here and there in VB and call themselves programmers… All of them say Hackers means Criminals, ….. utter nonsense…… and nearly all of them use Windows….

See the connection ???

Not only Bjarne, even Joel Spolsky is serious about the under-minded programmers:

and I think he is right. This is simple, plain common-sense that a person who never ever understood C or C++, is simply not a programmer, He can never be. C is hard, C++ is harder and complex. Dumb(ing) down the education is just gonna cause  bigger lack of talent for the industry and that shows Government has not employed talented people to revise the education system of your country. Remember the “Segmentation Fault” that does not even tell you where the error is ? and then you set aside the program and keep on thinking where the error could be and at the same time you also think about the way you wrote the program .. thinking at 2 different levels, making work harder and most Post Graduate kiddies break under such circumstances, they run and cry and say C and C++ are bad. Understanding C or C++ is definitely going to make you the real programmer, I am into this field from last 2 years and I never met anyone, in person, who can call himself a programmer (because nobody of them knows the C or C++ well). You can keep on wandering into Java, .NET  or other highly abstracted language, all the easy fun things and keep on believing that “I am into Programming, Managing Memory is a poor idea, Processors are fast, RAM is cheap. Why should we focus on outdated ideas of managing RAM and speed ” and miss on all the knowledge we call “Programming” or “Computer Science”. There is even a connection between all these high-level programmers and poor algorithmic knowledge, they just don’t possess enough idea about algorithms, the key concept in programming and as Niklaus Wirth said:

Algorithms + Data-Structures = Programs

and he is right. you the high-level programmer is just a kid, you are wrong, If you can not do C or C++, do not enter into Software Development. It will never be enjoyable to you and even after 10 years into it, you will still be a kid because you will never try to understand the essence of programming. You are poor programmer then and you know about that every single moment you think about yourself but then you hide behind the self-made lies, you cry over and blame C, C++ and Algorithms. Bjarne calls you an under-educated and under-trained programmer but I call you an under-minded programmer, the programmer who intentionally does not want to learn, who intentionally stays away from pain and hardness of Algorithms and Programming. You better go and do something other than programming, Shop-keeping or mobile repair to give two examples. Programming is about diversity, about hardness and playfulness and it has to do with the ability to solve problems and under-minded  programmers remain mediocre and their way of mediocrity causes them to not to add any value to the company. The growth of the company stops with mediocre people on team. Google for AirBus Crisis which led them to change several CEOs and you will know what I am talking about.

(NOTE: I am not saying C++ is not complex, it is complex, monstrous and clumsy and in the end, saying C++ is bad and full of problems and .NET/Java are good is a complete non-sense. The Programmer who agrees with this idea just doesn’t have a clue on what Programming is all about. It also means, he needs to learn more , He needs to put more time into Programming and he also needs UNIX way, IMVHO).

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