The Hacker Ethic

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I am following the path of Hackers, because I want to become a Hacker. These days, people think Hackers are ones who break into their computers and send viruses, spam and steal their money. So sad, that even Cambridge Dictionary of International English (This is what I have at my desk right now) and Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary say that Hackers do these kind of things…… Seems like there are some stupid morons are there in Cambridge University who understand the meaning of Hackers better than Hackers themselves. The true definition of Hacker, was given by Eric S. Raymond . You can also follow the link on Right-Hand-Side of this page, showing the small Hacker Emblem. Hackers use their creativity and exceptional skill for the good of society. Eric S. Raymond even described the Hacker Ethic . You can also have a look at Wikipedia’s definition of Hacker Ethic. Hacker Ethic is all about making this world a better place to live while enjoying the money that comes in.

When I came in contact with Emacs ( the true text-editor ), I came in contact with a culture and community that supports open sharing of information and they think that computers can change the quality of our lives, long before even governments of all countries recognized that fact. After contacting with these people, I came to feel to a sense of connectivity with them. Their habits, hobbies and way of thinking matched with my way of life. That was the time, I decided to become a Hacker and full time Programmer/Developer and abandoned my growing career as a Salesman. I never liked anything before but this Hacker phenomenon was amazing and I kept on spending my whole day in front of my computer reading about all of them. That was back in 2005, now is 2007 and after these 2 years I still do not feel get bored in reading about them, whether its the Free Software speech of Richard Stallman or whether the DragonFlyBSD goals or whether reading Theo De Raadt‘s comments on Open Source Initiative or whether reading about Arch Linux philosophy or whether reading about how Haskell produces much better code or Why the whole Corporate is so damn brilliant at producing the technical crap we call Proprietary Software. I never get tired. I can spend hours and hours ans most of the times I even forget about that I need any food and water because I am hungry. I never felt such attraction for any other field (except Martial-Arts, the only thing I love more than Hacking Common-Lisp )

I have just created a small logo, to show my support for Hacker Community. I hope you will like it 🙂

Open Sharing

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