The USENET Improvement Project

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After using Google Groups (GGs) for 2 years to access USENET, I am much frustrated with their lower quality service. Messages are not showing up even after I posted them 24 hours ago. In My web-browser, Mozilla Firefox, I can see my message is at 7th position on 1st page of Google Groups whereas my friend in different town (just 80 KM away), can not see my posted message, He says it is on 2nd page …. …WTF….

Then I started to search for GGs alternative an I did not find any Web-Based interface to USENET 😦 I found one called as mail2web [1] and found that the latest messages were 5 days old 😦 . Except mail2web I did not find any web-based access to USENET. Now I use GNU at home, the Arch Linux, so, I came across PAN, tin and slrn. PAN was great and I am using it now to read USENET.

For 1 year, I kept on believing that Google Groups belong to Google, that they are the property of Google and I need to have their membership to access their services but after using PAN I came to know that Google is just an ugly-structured and poorly-designed interface to USENET access, Google Groups does not even function properly . Google Groups are always full of spam and most spammers there use their gmail accounts to fill USENET with spam. Google’s gmail accounts are the main sources of spam in USENET. I have blocked all messages from posters using Google Groups to post to usenet.

1st, there was IBM, then came Microsoft and now Google, Hackers (the Hackers, not crackers) call them satans for these corporate leaders always want control, the control at the cost of a poorly-developed society, the society of intellectually deaf-&-dumb humans, Corporate proposes it and Governments agree. Hackers strictly oppose such kind of acts as they always strive to produce better quality software, open sharing of information (USENET e.g.) and with that they want to make the society a better place to live. Hackers are the source of huge flow of quality source code. Hackers can build better societies, better sewerage systems, better schools, better education system, better DVD players and a better constitution, only if they are allowed to but they are not allowed. They are only allowed to write code and that has one restriction: that code must not look like proprietary code and that code must not work as a better replacement code for that poor quality patented code [2] otherwise they will be jailed for improving the quality of lives of other people.

Anyway, that is the way of present governments, this is how they function. I was talking about Google Groups and their poorly managed service. Now Google search is really good but Why they try to hide some things regarding searching ? I am not talking about programs, I am talking about some non-technical things regarding Google search. Google tries to hide its business practices behind Google search, So Wikipedia folks came with a better idea, an Open Search based on transparency of business practices regarding online search and hence they went on to build Wikia Search Engine. [3]

Now come to Google Groups, My viewpoint is that, the man who designed the Google Groups is like a VC++ Programmer (opposed to a C++ programmer), or like a pointy haired boss who leads his Software Developers for the worse, or the man who did not even bother to read the USENET history, or the man who thinks Hackers are a danger to a better society because they spam and shut down hospitals and do credit-card frauds, In plain words, he does not even know Why he started to write code or Why he designs software now. Just like Microsoft, who, even after getting billions of dollars every year, still does not know how to fix the usual and everyday freezes of Windows.

Just a few days ago, I came across The USENET Improvement Project . I think that is quite worth the effort, I read their pages and found that these folks really understand the USENET phenomenon. After reading their intentions I came to notice that I am not the only one who is facing the spam problems from Google Groups, it is universal problem. Hence I decided to use PAN and created a Score to automatically ignore any messages posted through Google Groups, that way I avoided lots of spam that was usual everyday to me and PAN is really an impressive piece of software. Now I am getting inclined to use some Shell based news software. The USENET Improvement Project is the place where I came across the word Luser, I met lots of Lusers ans I have talked about them a lot in my previous blogs, I just did not know that USENET folks call them Lusers, I myself was a Luser before I started to use Linux but that was my decision to use Linux and BSDs, not someone else’s. You are free to improve your life and most people don’t do it because it is painful. The people who take pain everyday to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of people around them are like Blinky The Shark , He decided to take pain for when he started The USENET Improvement Project .

I had a talk with Blinky The Shark and he is strictly against the webification of USENET because USENET is not about forums and bulletin boards and he is quite right at it. USENET is far different from forums and bulletin-boards. I am not against web-based interface and access to USENET and I am strictly against 100% inflexible and shit interfaces like Google Groups. I am in favor of Web-Browser access to USENET. If you take a closer look at the present computing world and how it is interacting with the general users, then you will notice the Paradigm-Shift, How Internet is changing lives of general people, where some people are intelligent andmost are stupid but that’s not my point. My point is Image Sharing, Unlimited File Sharing e.g. Flickr, Imageshack, Mediafire, 3 GB of email space for free and most powerful of all is the RAPIDSHARE thing. Just last month I saw a website saying something like “Online Photo Editing, No Need to Install Photoshop, use our web service for free. Edit and Save your photos online, for FREE ” .

This is what I call Web 2.0 phenomenon, times are changing and we need to change and we do not need Google groups for that, We can do much better, may be something we will call “Reincarnation of USENET” of “Return of the USENET”. I don’t know but all I say is USENET can go online and we can use it online and may be, we will not need PHP and Bulletin Board softwares for that. 3 big problems with Google Groups are:

  • It is full of SPAM
  • It functions poorly (because sometimes Messages do not appear even after 24-48 hours)
  • When you use Google Groups you think that it is the property of Google and you need free membership of Google to access their services. When you learn the truth, then you start to hate Google.

The USENET Improvement Project is trying to remove these problems, especially the 1st two. They are already gone for me and I still see my friends, the Windows users, struggling with these basic problems, even when I told them the truth. Windows users are Lusers, using Windows is the sign of Lusism (well, this word is my invention :-), they always remain deaf and dumb and they are happy in that imaginative-world where they think they are the masters.

“Please do not get amazed at their stupidity, they are Windows users”

call it The Postulate-Zero of mine 😉




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