My Love of Programming

November 26, 2007 at 7:37 pm | Posted in Patterns | Leave a comment

Sometimes I get off from what I do and think everyday and start thinking creating an OS. A OS that can supersede GNU/Linux and even the original UNIX. Somebody is trying to do the same from a longer time. The love for system-programming is deep-rooted in my blood. I can kill all of my day, 24 hours without any sleep any food or any water at all, sitting in front of my computer reading about OS concepts, designs and implementations and experimenting them. I have these feelings and ideas many more times , not only for OS but also towards Programming Languages like Common Lisp, Haskell, Mercury and OCaml 😀 . This love is not for system-programming, I think and I just guess, it is a Love of Hacking the Software, to make it better and improve and enrich the society. Today I will just pour what I think about GNU/Linux OS.

After my 2 years of stint with lots of GNU/Linux distros, I am finally convinced that there is no distro I like, So 1st I thought of creating a new distro based simplicity and elegance in design concepts followed by my experiences with CRUX, Gentoo, Arch and original UNIX ideas. Then I thought of getting together with someone who used Slackware. Time is precious, very precious, So I thought of investing my time into the most best ideas along with exploring and using the technically-adept system-design concepts and solutions and hence I thought of porting GNU on FreeBSD kernel, totally abandoning the Linux kernel. Some day ago I thought of OpenBSD kernel and DragonFlyBSD kernel.

In the end, I came to the idea that all these are monolithic kernels and that reminds me of the design ideas I read in “Coyotos” and “Towards a strategy of new OS design” and both these seem the best options but then Hurd has organizational and non-technical problems and they must be solved to see any big improvement but that is a totally different issue from releasing a 100% Libre distro. May be it is not different but I think 20 years are enough for us to understand and identify the problem we are getting in developing the Hurd. Anyway, in the end I have found that I am pennyless, so I better find some way to earn money using Programming, So I get on with C++ and hence I don’t have any more time to create quality technical solutions for this world. Hell, Why does not the Indian Government understand the technical potential of its people and support them. Heck, Indian Parliament is too busy in kidnapping kids and selling their Organs and cutting millions. I do not give them millions so why should they support me. Bloody IDIOTS do not understand that I can give them what nobody ever gave them: Ideas to build a stabilized government.


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