How I sold away my youth to VB.NET ?

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Well, I heard that some highly rich corporate companies are using translational models to develop softwares. I see some use translational models that directly generate C code from an OOA model. some use the mapping, for example, “UML -> C++ generators/converters”. well here is what I think about such methodologies and I have also identified the connection of such translational models with the basic underlaying pattern of Indian computer education system and then I have connected it to the worse software ever made and I have also found how all this leads to unstable and hence corrupt political system. it works like this:

OOA model ——-> TRANSLATIONAL-ENGINE ———> C code

I think I am going to hate this kind of translation because converting UML diagrammatic representation of some OOA into some code is exactly the fundamental behind the design of VB and .NET. I have seen VB code where one never applies a Quicksort Algorithm to some data-structure. The programmers who program only in VB lacks nearly all the basics of programming. Heck, VB was specifically designed so that programming will become easy enough and non-programmers can program all the applications easily without any difficulty. In my own words, I call it it VB aka Non-Sense. VB is not a programming language, so the translation from UML o C++ code is pure non-sense. How will you know that translational engine as developed by experts ? Why you will need any good programmers in your team then ?

Java was designed to easily do OO programming – it is a mess of something().someone().thisone(thatargument).thatone(thisargument).dooperation. I never ever use Java or VB. One time experience was enough for me to hate it. Take Common Lisp designed with a design-idea:

What is good for the designer of that language is also good for the user of that language.

languages like VB, .NET and Java totally exist at the opposite end of the spectrum, to make everything easy, easy and easier. What the heck is this ? we are getting away and away from all of the basic ideas of programming:

VB uses this translational model. use ADODC, drag and drop, use some tools like button, drag and drop. you are done. Did you ever try to understand the difference between the red-black tree written in C and the other written in Haskell ?try it VB programmer, you will surely hate Programming. Haskell will not translate your buttons into code, neither will C++, you will have to do that using some GUI kit like GTK+ and that process of using GTK+ to create GUI will teach you a lot more and the process of using C++ itself will surely frustrate you enough to put you out of CS. but why do it using C++ ? Why go to the complicated process of algorithms, data structures and GUI kits when you get your applications developed at a fast rate, you get all – compiler, GUI, code – offered to you in one single language, VB.NET, with full support from the vendor and even a kid can create applications so you do not need to spend money on interviews and recruitment process to finds grads who can write better algorithms and make proper use of data-structures ? Why all the expansive, long-time and complicated fuzz has to happen ? because it gives you more power, more flexibility and better software and with better software comes control. VB.NET can not distinguish between a talented programmer and a worse one. well, you can differentiate between better VB.NET developers and Bad ones at but you can never, ever differentiate between good programmers and bad ones. only a language like C, C++ or Haskell or Common Lisp or Mercury or OCaml can do that. VB.NET ain’t has that power and flexibility. With all the easiness, comfort and support that you get using a single platform language, your power is gone and may be after many years you will come to realize that this translational power of VB.NET has blurred your vision, has taken-off the filter that you have in your head that separated the good from bad, that differentiated between a talented programmer from a programmer who constantly hides himself behind the lies of worse software practices, you no longer remain capable to differentiate between the reasons of corruption and the corrupted person itself, you can no longer feel the touch of common-sense. IOW, you no longer control yourself, you are at the mercy of easiness, comfort and you get that by paying the price of your freedom to think, analyze and evaluate your life and hence software. some people no longer realize that, they can not take the pain of shifting a language or platform, learning the techniques of trade, finding the discipline that leads to the mastery because it is really painful, so they avoid it and get angry when you talk to them about the awesome capability that you have but they do not. Some just retire from work and then die like that. The good news is that you have a choice now and if you don’t choose to be talented then for whole of your life you will always know in the darkest corner of your heart that you are incompetent, lazy and not a capable programmer. thats bad news 😦 . IMVHO, hate the automatic code converters, hate the UML -> C++ converters and know that reality, know the real-world, the real-world is code, understand the code and be a better programmer… hate the VB, hate the .NET…love the C code.. read the Haskell code… write the C++ code … dream of Lisp code…. eat the Mercury code… hate the easiness that asks for comfortable-thinking in return.. my Life is code, I want to be better at code…. read the code.. hate the VB… lather rinse repeat.If you ever come to my country, India, you will see the effect of this translational model. Well, it has some sort of indirect-relation to Indian Education system because we have the same mentality here. Indian students use a language named “TURBO C” which is a much better language than C since it has <conio.h> header and we can use an operation named “clear screen” using it. I am 27 now, finished my graduation in 2003. The Post-Grads of my college create their projects in a language called VC++, nobody teaches C++ in my college because it is a limited and useless language as compared to VC++ and these thoughts are injected by the people who are known as very Professors of University, carrying degrees like MCA, M.Sc in CS and even Ph.D plus 10 years of experience in teaching. After 3 years of graduation, in 2006, spending a few months at comp.lang.c++ tells me that VC++ is a compiler ? heck.. what is a compiler ? never heard of it in my graduation years. Who is responsible for this mess ? the government .. NO… the people who created this computer-education system so that it becomes easy for kids in higher school to program, make it so easy so that graduates can program very easily in Objects. They are kids and they need care. so we need to give them easiness and take out the brain that thinks.creating a high-quality software demands lots of persistent hard-work and pain on a Programmer’s part, it also sucks lots of his personal and family time and this is no excuse for creating bad quality software. By same metric, we need to create a better society, a better country and better rules as required by the present times because this is the place where we live, because this is the place where our families live, because this is the place where our kids breathe today. We need to work as hard as possible, we need to think intellectually, we do not need a motivational-lecturer to teach us that, we need fire and reason. I don to need a motivational speaker to create good quality software, I need reason to do that and I have it for creating next generation OS called Hurd. It is going to be tough but thats no excuse for not doing it. It is about the whole underlying idea that separates the programming from the from higher level, shitty translational-model ideas,. The idea of Hurd was brought by individuals who do the real Hacking for th elove of it, not by some money-greedy corporate MBA boss and these are the bosses who never ever did any programming and they design the programming languages like VB. These are the men who never ever wrote good algorithms, the very essence of programming:

I have no hatred against OO practitioners. I somehow get uneasy, uncomfortable and angry at how I wasted my entire youth, how this mess ate my beautiful teenage-years without adding any meaning to it. I got angry when I see I was not responsible for that. My young times are stolen NOT by Indian education system but by people who promote the ideas like easiness, translational-model, VB and Java. Then the corporate gets a product he needs the VB expert, because this is what they want, they want money, market-control and steering of education in their own hands. They do not want better softwares, they do not want free and matured humans, they do not want a society who reasons and then makes money, they want who can follow their orders, they want you to not to think intellectually. Why you should follow orders, why you should not think independently ? why you should not create better softwares ? Why you should not create a better society ? Why you should not create a better constitution for your country ? Why you should not follow your own vision when it shows you the path that very few have seen ?

It is a biological fact that organs of human body keep on growing till the age of 25 and after 25 nothing grows, organs start to degrade instead. I have lost that growth 😦 , I have lost my precious youth, my unforgettable young body has eaten by the insects who promote this kind of education system, who promote this translational-system. students can no longer write a single and small piece of program without using proprietary libraries, they do not want to learn C because it has been taught, C is bad, VC++ is good and VB.NET is excellent replacement for everything. should I cry now ? of course not. I need to think abut why it happened to me. What was my crime ? why it is happening to millions of other students all across India. Why a kid who pays 100,000s of rupees of admission fee has to pay his youth in return to get get this country’s computer education. Why I had paid my organs , just because I love computers ?

This translational model cripples the whole central-cabinet of Indian government as they no longer have intellectual people. It also cripples the whole other lots of systems it touches, we are crippled to the core and then who has to blame ? and then a Java graduate who gets surprised when I show him the Bubble Sort algorithm written in C or 12th class computer students and teachers who are constantly arguing with me form last 2.5 years that I can not run my computer without Windows. A computer *needs* Windows to run., don’t you see the patterns ? after all if you want to learn UNIX, Windows is the prerequisite. After all, my countrymen are crippled by a borrowed constitution from last 61 years.

who is to blame, the promoters of OOA Model -> C code generators ?

*definitely* yes.

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  1. WOW! Wonderful post. Nice to see an Indian talking about issues such as technical education very boldly.

    I am a beginner in programming so I don’t know the “problems” of .NET family languages. This will help me focus on C/C++ and other open languages, so I won’t waste my youth 😉

    ..Hope you’ll post more often

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