My New Life

April 4, 2008 at 3:17 pm | Posted in History | Leave a comment

Last week, I got a new job as System Engineer. For one month I will be trainee, after that, as you can guess, everything depends on performance. The company makes money by creating and selling free softwares:

I will be doing Network Programming, coding TCP/IP based applications. I am learning C from K&R2 for that and also bought Steven’s excellent work known as UNIX Network Programming. When I was jobless, I had a lot of time and did many interesting things like reading how ‘C’ language came from ‘B’ and ‘B’ came from ‘BCPL’ and next language should have been ‘P’ but it came out to be C++ & ‘D’.

I have much less time these days. I need to find a cheap rented-room too. I am in Hyderabad, South-India, 3500 KM from my small, lovely, greenish home town in Punjab, North-India. Rooms are pretty expansive, city is too crowded, polluted and there is always noise on the streets. People don’t even eat wheat here, 24 hours a day they keep eating rice and no vegetables that I used to eat. My nails are not growing properly, it means I am not getting proper amounts of protein 😦 , that also means if I keep on going like this then I will need some pretty expansive medial treatment after 6 months. Kapal-Bhati, a type of Yog, as taught by Dr/Swami Ramdev is saving me from many diseases. He also appeared on BBC because of his expertness on Yog. He is as expert on Yog as much as Bruce Lee was Martial-Arts expert.

I don’t have any idea on where my life is heading. I am Just puzzled a lot. Will blog after 1 or 2 months.


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