Do you have Loveware ?

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Its been a longer time since I read about The GNU Project or The Conscience of a Hacker. In year 2005, in the month of March, my life was hit to a great degree by a piece of text I found on some weired, strange and difficult to learn text editor knows a Emacs. I hit some combination of keys to get help and got a project description including autobiographic expressions instead of help page. I read it, I read it and I read it again and again and it took me. I was enlightened . It had to be 4 more days and then next 6 months before I was going to be enlightened again 2nd and 3rd time, again by 2 piece of text respectively. I can’t forget these 3 days for all of my life. GNU Project and GNU manifesto showed me something I never knew existed and Hacker’s Manifesto showed me my own reflection, the beliefs, the fundamentals of life I was living for. As my responsibility to fellow Hackers . I am posting the complete text of GNU Project and A Hacker’s Manifesto here. They were not written by me and hence I don’t own the copyright of them. If you want to do something with them, please do some Googling ask the appropriate persons. I call them Loveware, a word I invented myself, primarily inspired from Infoware as for people who oppose love there is nothing more fatal than a man in love who has taken the stand and same way these 2 articles are revolutionary in Software. Great Programmers do software because they love programing, they love Hacking, they love information. Same way many of them love these articles, including me. I call it Loveware, for it is the only Love I found except of my family and Martial-Arts. Hacker say Impeach God and May be the source with you. I go one step ahead, God is an unpractical concept and Lets only live with the source, why we need to “may” ?

If you really are a programmer and live and breathe software, you need to go ahead and spend next hour in reading these 3 articles. It is the only reason I have provided their links. So, now I should ask, what exactly is Loveware ?

The GNU Manifesto is Loveware, The Conscience of a Hacker is Loveware. The Hurd is a Loveware. When Paul Graham writes about Lisp, it is Loveware. When Bruce Sterling authored The Hacker Crackdown. It was Loveware. Love lies inside a Hacker’s heart, it lies inside everyone who loves programming, who loves to explore. It sets you free and Loveware is which makes the environment surrounding software folks different from all other professions.



Copyright © 2008, Arnuld Uttre, #331/type-2/sector-1, Naya Nangal, Distt. – Ropar, Punjab (INDIA) – 140126

Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article are permitted worldwide, without royalty, in any medium, provided this notice, and the copyright notice, are preserved.


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