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March 10, 2010 at 11:06 am | Posted in Programming | 1 Comment

After investing an year into Linux and whole new world of programming, when I was jobless, I used to think of creating a language which has the expressive power of Haskell, flexibility and impossibility of Common Lisp and has the same efficiency that equals C. There was a reason I wanted that kind of language, C was created on PDP-11, to write UNIX in some higher level language, that was 1970s and look at the computer of that time:

Ken and Den

See, how much happy the Ken and Dennis are working on a machine which has (IIRC, 1 MB of RAM) and look at todays kids (both 12 years olds and 35 years old idiots) how much they are in pain when they work on computers with 3.0 GHZ of CPU, 7200 RPM of HDD and 2 GB of RAM, while 10 times smaller than PDP-11. Reason: UNIX way (love) and Windows way (Idiotic).

After 40 years we are still using a language that was designed on some ancient piece of equipment to take benefit of the instruction set, the hardware. We have machines which are 1000 times powerful than those equipments but we still use the same language, we don’t have any higher level language that competes with the efficiency of C. Hardware has grown and technically blasted beyond the levels of imagination but software has remained there. And pleeeeeeeeeease, don’t even talk about those multi-million dollar corporations, they create crap like Java or VB, thats how they waste the money that could save millions of lives (if donated to organizations like UNICEF, The Venus Project and Soch) and in turn they can get hundreds of brilliant minds at work rather than thousands of those fools (both programmers and managers). These MNCs are totally devoid of common-sense, the primary reason is their focus on making money rather than making good quality software first and then making money, which is entirely strange concept to them, even when this concept can kick out fools in no time.

Lets get back to the primary point of this post. So I was thinking of that language and I couldn’t make it because you know I have poor mathematical skills, I don’t even know what is an automata machine and how it works, I just work with practical side of coding rather than being a theoretical engineer who is a copy of those automata concepts, may be I will create a new concept called meta of practicality if I master that automata and make it useful only for practical coding in the process it will automatically become useless for any academic use. So I don’t have mathematical skills, I do not have much IQ and all the technical things that programmers like Richard Stallman, Linus Torvalds, Joel Spolsky, Paul Graham and Eric S. Raymond talk about, the things that lie at the core of UNIX way, just sweep above my head, so I decided not to waste the resources. After some time had passed I came across coyotos project and after some more time passed the guy, Jonathan S. Shapiro came with an idea of language called BitC which was exactly what I had in mind and he has improved it some ways. I kept on wondering for months if he stole my idea by entering into my brain through keyboard while I was browsing net.. just kidding 😉

After spending some time on creating a new OS and a new language for OS, he got a job offer from Microsoft and he quit working on BitC, one of the saddest says of my life. But today I hear again the he is leaving Microsoft and coming back to work on BitC again, very much fruitful day for me. I am so happy and that happiness resulted in this post. I wish Jonathan very much of good luck in his efforts 🙂 . May be one day I decide to master BitC and write Hurd in it. After all thats where my love for software begins and ends: living life as the GNU way



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