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I started learning programming in year 2005. After I quit my sales job in February of 2005, I purchased Red Hat Linux Bible in end of April same year. It has been 5 years since then, I learned a lot about computers and it became my passion since then, all possible because of GNU, different Newsgroups, mailing lists, forums and all the helpful people in this virtually real world. I have read many articles and books and essays and history of UNIX, Linux, GNU, BSD, Debian, and many other organizations and groups. Based on my experience I am providing here a list of articles that every computer science student, every programmer must read if he wants to truly understand what he is doing. In fact, every person who buys softwares must read some fo them to open up his mind, same way he knows about his motorcycle like what is spark plug and where it is, what air to keep in tires, if you own a car then how to learn to safely drive a car, how much useful those air-bags are, how to overtake (never to overtake from left e.g.), when is its really essentially to honk, not to talk on mobile phone while driving etc. That way no one wil be able to fool him around while buying softwares. May be after reading them a general computer user will walk on a path and come to know that Truth is really far more stranger than fiction. Ideal process would be o just read these links and google for extra depending on if you want to do computer programming or if you are not a programmer and you need something specific or just out of curiosity:

I guess in 1996 I tried to learn English from a book which you can find on every corner of India and it boasts to teach you English in 30 days. I tried and failed several times. Then in my graducation I tried to learn programming from a 30 days book and I failed again. So it worked out. The problem was that these 30 days, 30 weeks, 10 days, 21 days books never teach fundamentals. Most of them have many unreasonable assumptions. By reading these you can only have superficial knowledge about these subjects and 0% knowledge of basics. This is so strange but I myself wanted to write an article like Teach Yourself “Martial-Arts/Car-Repair/Large-Scale-Electric-Systems/Nuclear-Physics/Fine-Arts/somethnig-here/fill-your-favorite-words-here” in 10 Years.. AT that time I never came across anything like blog, in 1996 there was not internet at my place, therefore I never wrote the article. Later I went into different kinds of jobs and forgotten about it. When I started learning programming and started my blog I wanted to write one but then suddenly one day I came across Peter Norvig’s Teach Yourself Programming in 10 Years and I got surprised. I concluded I will not write any blog post about my experience because people will think I am copying Peter Norving and trying to imitate him. So I dropped the idea but in the meantime before internet came I shared my experience of 30 days books with my friends.

I don’t remember all the articles I have read over years. I will keep on adding them as soon as I remember.


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