A Modern Systems Programming language

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With more effort in the direction of finding a modern systems programming language I had email communications with several people including Eli Gottlieb, creator of decac programming language, GNU Hurd community and ATS language community. It was Eli Gottlieb who gave me the idea that unless I am doing a hobby project I should talk to Hurd people about my ideas and I am glad I did and as you have seen my letter to Hurd community already in my previous post, to find the replies, check out march 2012 archives of bug-hurd mailing list or go here

Seems like Hurd guys either did not like my idea or are nto intersted in it at all, hence I decided to not do any further debate. ATS community has given some replies here, else you can chekc out March 2012 mailing list archives from their site http://www.ats-lang.org

Eli has advised me to go through osdev.org and learn something about OS programming before I venture into writing a microkernel myself. Hongwei from ATS advised to first write a microkernel and then later see how ATS ecnodes to those principles. Wise advice and I am gonna follow. I don’t think I wil start HurdNG development anytime soon, in fact its gonna be quite late. I also need to to how decac was designed and what does it offer, then check out ATS too. While in the meantime I am checking other high level langauges like Haskell and what they offer and comparing the design-ideas to decac, ATS, C and C++ in return. Going to be a lot of work. We have quite high-level and very good programming langauges available at our disposal e.g Common Lisp, Haskell Caml etc. and good modern scripting languages and are available too (Squirrel is one of them, angel-code scripting library is another major step) but not much of mature modern systems programming languages.


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