What does a Software Company need ?

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I thought of making this part of my cover-letter but I decided to put it here instead on my blog:

One, I have 5 years and 3 months of experience primarily in C & Linux/UNIX and secondarily in C++, TCP/IP, SIP, Asterisk PBX & FreeSWITCH, out of which 4 years and 6 months were for writing code all day long. I have gone through what a typical programmer/coder using C and C++ languages goes through e.g. crashes, segfaults, undefined behaviors (which actually look very well defined), core dumped etc. etc. Such experiences makes a person mature over time and his way of looking at, writing & designing software changes at least by 180 degrees. And a little bit sensible programmer becomes way better at thinking when he is not in front of editor/compiler because programming/coding is about advancing the mind, not just coding. Such kind of person adds value to the company’s software asset.

Two, a software company is not just made of software; it is made of people too. In fact, people are the thing before software comes into the picture. A good attitude of talking to people, understanding  them and looking at their viewpoints diagonally opposite from yours, is required for any stable company, is required to build a healthy work environment.  People are backbone of the company. Actually, if a company loses all of its money and all of its software but still have all of those people who have flexibility, hard-work, creativity, mental-strength, team-work, initiative to solve problems, all of these kinds of skills and behaviors as a part of their character then that company will build itself again as a market leader. Nothing can ever shake such a workplace. Some people have these character traits naturally, some don’t and most who don’t have, never develop them because somehow they get through interview and then put void main() and their C++ new always returns NULL. You definitely need to avoid these kind. Then some who do not have these traits, they develop them as a part of their character, their way of thinking and living.

Three, every programming language, every CPU, every piece of hardware and software and every innovation in technology has come out of some mind, some genius mind and then it was developed with different kinds and levels of thinking  by people from diverse backgrounds and from different cultures. This proves that mind is more important than software, hardware or any technology itself. A developed mind, out-of-the-box thinking mind, a problem solving mind, is what companies need to hire because people with such mind add a lot of value to the company. Those times from 9-5 job are gone. This millennium, this digital-age is the time  of adding-value, creating effective & efficient methods to solve problems, not of doing mundane same-routine work.

These are the few of the reasons why companies like Google have several rounds of interviews to make sure the person fits on all these points.  I may have missed some points but that’s the gist.  I never had any of those myself and I cultivated these qualities as an integral port of my character. I am sure there are more people like me around and software companies can make the best investment into their business by hiring such people.

Copyright © 2017 Arnuld Uttre, Hyderabd, Telangana – 500017 (INDIA)
Licensed Under Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 United States (CC BY-ND 3.0 US)


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